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Dosage of cute

Dosage of cute

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Feeling Poetic

When Dreams Die

When dreams do die they cease to be

for once truly dead no recovery

for one to let that dream descend

into the void where all belief ends

has given up the right to keep

such a fragile thing alive.

It plummets down to dark below

where linger it may for a time

but starved of light ambition’s glow

the dream withers, groans, and dies

A death it truly does not deserve

created it did not ask to be

Faithful, hopeful, radiant creation

sorrowful, painful, lingering death.

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Fur lined coat

Fur lined coat

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Aaaand now I’m Bored

Hello all,

It really is a little mean of me but I can’t help it. I am breaking up with my first ever boyfriend (hopefully by phone…tonight) because he bores me. That’s right, at the base of it all he bores me. I hate boredom and repetition and that’s what I am getting from this relationship. Not to mention that we are not in agreement on some main issues. Examples my love of tattoos and piercings. So I will end this. Problem is I don’t know how and its causing me so much anxiety. He’s nice and all so I don’t want to hurt his feelings and I know I will but this is now causing a ridiculous amount of stress. So tonight I will finally grow a pair and get this done. Especially since Valentines day is coming up.
Wish me luck… Or not depending.

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My new favorite pet name

My new favorite pet name

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Not like we needed another reason why Twilight sucks but..

Not like we needed another reason why Twilight sucks but..

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I can conquer the world

I can conquer the world

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Me →

Too true…. -

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